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Buckle up, there's a lot to know about this motorcycle! Yes, this is the same GS I've been writing about in BMW Owners News for the past 4-5 years.

FOR SALE: 2005 BMW R 1200 GS with 90,780 miles on it. I am the third owner and purchased the bike in January 2011 with 52,000 miles on it. This motorcycle is being sold as-is, with the understanding it needs some work and should be considered a project for the new owner. I will not break apart the set at this time - one buyer, one transaction, we're done. Bring a trailer and leave happy. Bike and all associated parts are in Warrenton, Virginia, and available for pickup at your convenience, Monday through Saturday.

The running bike has seen regular and heroic maintenance in its life with me, and I list it here with no reservations or illusions. This bike has been well-loved, but it has some issues.

This sale includes not only the running motorcycle (with issues, see below), but an additional 2005 BMW R 1200 GS (*with title*) which has been dismantled for parts and currently exists in multiple tubs. Most of the parts bike is available; not available from the parts bike are the engine/transmission, final drive, headlight, shocks, front wheel (damaged beyond repair) and other small sundry parts and assemblies. Everything needed from the parts bike to fix the running bike has been preserved for the next owner.

Sale includes my collection of Hexhead parts, which includes multiple windshields (BMW and GIVI) as well as numerous other bits & bobs, including many of the stock parts removed from the running bike.

Sale includes a first-generation GS-911 "Enthusiast" diagnostic tool; it currently has 7 available VINs. A Panasonic TOUGHBOOK CF-H2 is available for an additional $250. These items are not available separately UNLESS the bike's new owner doesn't want them.

Because the bike was due for a maintenance cycle at 90,000 miles, I will include the proper parts and supplies to do a typical maintenance - engine, transmission, FD, etc. and a new air filter.

Problems with the running bike:
1. 5th gear computer glitch. Running the bike in 5th gear for more than a minute or so causes the computer to glitch out and the gear indicator display to go blank. This prevents the motorcycle from starting again after the engine has been shut off. The workarounds I have been using since this problem started several years ago are simple: A) Reset the computer with a GS-911 (conveniently included in the sale); or B) Do not use 5th gear for longer than it takes to get to 6th (if shifting up) or 4th (if shifting down). Both of these methods have proven effective.

2. ABS faults. Starting in November 2020, the bike started throwing ABS faults related to the rear brake circuit. As of April 2021, the faults are intermittent and not always present; the brakes continue to function properly in all respects.

Solutions for the running bike:
1. I have both onboard computers AND the entire ignition assembly (including chipped key) ready to install in the running bike. Everything has come off the parts bike and functioned 100% on that bike before disassembly. Some time on an official BMW Motorrad diagnostic computer confirmed the computer fault causing this issue, but new computers are hella expensive, which is the sole reason I bought the parts bike in the first place (to get the computers & ignition module).

2. I have a functioning ABS unit from the parts bike as well as a full set of brand-new Spiegler stainless-steel-wrapped brake lines ready to install on the running bike. Installing the new lines and flushing the system is the first step. Using the ABS unit from the other bike is plan B should plan A prove ineffective.

Add-ons on the Running Bike:
* Hammerhead shift lever (longest one they make)
* Touratech side stand switch guard
* Touratech brake switch guard
* Touratech steering head brace/guard
* Touratech windshield brace (included, not installed)
* Ohlins shocks, front and rear
* SW-MOTECH hand guards
* JWP shorty clutch & brake levers
* Rebuilt and internally grease-able driveshaft
* Final drive replaced w/low-mileage unit from 2007 R 1200 RT at 58k (different gear ratios than standard GS)
* Light bar installed, ready for your choice of aux lights
* Fuse block properly wired in and located under rider seat, ready for your electronic accessories
* Charging/battery tender port runs through fuse block, not CANbus system
* Headlight wiring harness repaired & improved (common failure point on these bikes)
* Inner fender for rear wheel
* Pivot Pegs
* Crash bars (Hepco & Becker IIRC)
* BMW pillion cargo plate
* Jesse Odyssey I aluminum side cases w/2 keys (not pictured)
* Extra set of stock cast wheels, powder-coated dark blue to match the bike; with WAVE brake rotors on them
* Skene P3 brake/running lights
* Exhaust extension pipes (I forget the brand)

More About the Running Bike:
* Received regular maintenance every 5,000 miles, including engine oil & filter changes, transmission and final drive oil changes; brake fluid flush & bleeds every 2 years, brake pads, air filters (currently has high-performance K&N filter installed) every 10k, alternator belt every 20k, valve clearance checks & adjustments every 10k. Bike uses about a 1/2 quart of oil between oil changes. Have always used appropriate weight synthetic oils in all systems, plus OEM filters.
* All recalls completed EXCEPT the newest fuel pump recall
* All 3 brake calipers rebuilt at 68k
* Clutch replaced at 83K; used Siebenrock oil-resistant clutch plate. Both master and slave cylinders replaced. Hydraulic clutch line from master to slave replaced with Spiegler line.
* Gear position potentiometer replaced while chasing down the computer problem

Buyer gets one seat of their choice from the following:
* Corbin front and rear, standard height (pictured)
* Sargent front and rear, standard height
* Saddleman front with stock rear, standard height
* BMW Tall seat with stock rear

Additional seats are available for purchase by the new owner of the bike; any left unpurchased will be sold separately after the deal for the bike is completed.

BMW VARIO top case and mounting plate are available for $500 additional.

Additional photos available upon request.

Wes Fleming
7004 Birchbark Ln
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Main Phone 804 833-7796
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