2009 BMW K1200LT with Hannigan Sidecar

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For Sale a 2009 K1200LT with a 2015 Hannigan SP2 Sidecar –second owner of the bike and the original owner of the sidecar. This is a great touring rig.

49,600 miles

Brake lines?
Spiegler - stainless steel braided brake lines with Teflon outer jacket.

Needs new brake pads?
Nope—current pads have plenty of life.
Plus I am tossing in new EBC replacements for front– still in the package!

ABS on the bike?
Yes – servo brakes, they work great, flushed and bled.

Sidecar brake?
Yes – plumbed off the rear brake circuit complete with a no leak quick disconnect.

Steering effort like a truck?
Nope – Steers like a dream has the Hannigan Steer Lite modification.

Steering Damper?
Stock – no headshake at lower speeds so long as you keep your hands on the grips.

Crap suspension, though, right?
Nope – Rebuildable Wilbers all around with extra fluid chamber on rear shock.
Hannigan sidecar shock is adjustable and is currently set for passenger with luggage.

Electric tilt?
Yes of course! It’s on the left handlebar and can be adjusted while riding.

Battery condition?
New Odyssey AGM ODS-AGM16L (formerly known as the famous PC680)

Works a charm – never had an issue.

What about the bike rear tire?
17" Achilles Economist (175/55R-17) car tire mounted on the stock rim with added spacers and longer lug bolts – it’s a car tire. Ah but wait there’s more – there are two spare rear wheels with motorcycle mounted tires:
One with a Bridgestone BT020 Bias Ply (160/70B-17)
One with a Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Rear Tire 150/70B-17 TL

What about the bike front tire?
17” Bias-ply Shinko 130/70-17 – lots of rubber on this tire and really well suited for a sidecar application. Ah but wait there’s more – there is a complete spare wheel including both the brake rotors, sensor ring and mounted tire ready for a fast swap:
- Tire is a Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Front Tire 120/70Q-17 TL

So what’s with the Continental knobby tires?
I live in Minnesota and run the rig in the winter and on frozen lakes on occasion – these tires are brand new!! These tires not recommended for high-speed highway touring . . .

Sidecar tire?
New Nankang 155/80R12 car tire on the Hannigan Sidecar.

What about that Hannigan electrical mess?
All cleaned up. Waterproof Deutsch bike to sidecar connector and relocated wiring to inside rider compartment using a terminal block set up eliminating all of the wiring taps.\Added both a 12volt PowerLet and cigarette power outlet to the dash – source for heated jackets and device charging in the sidecar.

Do the sidecar fans work?
When ordered the dash fans were not installed as we believed they did not provide anything useful. The side vent in the lower left-hand corner of the sidecar provides more than enough adequate ventilation when opened.

Shifter Issues?
Nope – but wait there is more – a complete BMW spare linkage set and fittings included just in case.

Bike Top Case?
It has been removed and placed in storage and comes with the rig. Taking the trunk off had a few benefits - reducing the bike weight by 35# and reducing the wind drag and with the size of the trunk on the sidecar we did not need the extra space for storage. Note the top case also has Muddiman arm rests mounted in the event you want to put it back on.

Does it have Electronic Cruse Control?
It has the BMW original cruise control – no issues – works just like a car!

Aren't the K12's trouble-prone?
This is 2nd Gen LT and are pretty much trouble-free. I have done all the maintenance on this bike and as an engineer I find it relaxing maintaining this bike and my other BMWs.

Problems with the final drive?
Nope, that's a 1st Gen issue. Plus, the bike's is just short of 50k miles on it. But wait there is more – just in case I am including essentially a new 2009 rear drive off of a trike build with only 1,200 miles, sitting in a USPS box.

Other interesting farkles and add-ons:
1. MOTOLIGHTS with LED lamps mounted on the front forks
2. CLEARWATER LED Lights (1 – Krista Spot & 1 – Erica Flood) with switch and dimmer
3. BMW NAV VI GPS with mounting bracket – full time power
4. BILL MAYER heated driver and pillion seats
5. NATIONAL CYCLE VStream® Sport/Tour Screen(Z2462) (Spare)
6. BMW combination leather/ nylon luggage side case bags
7. BMW Cup Holder
8. BAKUP Backrest
9. SMARTIRE Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System
10. MUTH Rear View Signal Mirrors with built in Flasher Lights
11. FUZEBLOCK FZ-1 managing add on electronic devices on bike and sidecar power
12. RKA Tank Bag
13. Covers for both Bike and Sidecar

So why are you selling it?
New project –setting up a DMC Expedition sidecar on a 2016 BMW R1200GSA!

Asking price:

Wow that’s seems like a high price $$$ so if you want to save some $$$ on this rig the following items can be left off:
1. CLEARWATER LED lights, switch and mounting hardware - $900
2. BMW NAV VI GPS - $700
3. Spare BMW Rebuilt Rear Drive - $500
4. The 3 extra wheels that have tires mounted- $500
5. Top Case with speakers, heated back rest and Muddiman Arm Rests - $250
6. NATIONAL CYCLE – Spare Polycarbonate Windshield - $150.
Add it all up that's $3,000 less if you take off all 6 items!!

Okay - I took way too many pictures to show properly here on the forum so visit the links below to see all.
Picture Link 1: https://danfinazzo.smugmug.com/K1200LT-in-the-Shade/
Picture Link 2: https://danfinazzo.smugmug.com/My-First-Gallery/n-w2Hntq/
Picture Link 3: https://danfinazzo.smugmug.com/K1200LT-Misc-Picts/

If interested or wish to discuss contact me anytime . . .

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