FOR SALE: Schroedie Two Color BMW Roundel Badge Lights K1600GT/GTL/Bagger Model 2017 and Newer

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Two color BMW roundel badge LED lights for K1600GT / K1600GTL /Bagger / Grand America since model 2017 and newer
Price: $75 (free shipping via USPS Priority Mail) CONUS only
WARNING: For mounting, the original mounting tabs on the back of the roundels must be cut! I will include extra set of new BMW roundels for additional $25 (pair) if requested.
Precision manufactured LED indicators for mounting behind the emblems on the side panels, using the existing roundels/emblems.
Turn signals change their color when flashing.
The running (continuous) light taps into a 12v source. The flashing indicator light is connected in parallel mode to the existing turn signals.
When you switch on the turn signals the color will change from white to yellow. When they are complete switched off the color is milky white.

Seamless physical appearance due to their thin 8mm design and how they pair with the existing roundels.

This kit contains all necessary parts for mounting on both side panels (the roundels/emblems are not included):

Emblem side indicators
Connectors, cables, terminals
Mounting material
Emblem re-mounting adhesive stickers
Cable ties
Cable protection wrench
Installation instructions in English and German.

The turn signals are completely waterproof and the cables come equipped with waterproof connectors.
The monitoring function of the on-board electronics will not affected, and no error message will appear.
There is no need for the installation of additiorial electronic boxes.
Installation is easily completed by following the provided instructions.
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