Hepco & Becker Royster Daypack Tank Bag

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The new Royster Daypack tankbag has been designed and developed for daily use, so that small belongings are always a short reach away. This tankbag has the unmistakable look of the Royster products to complete your bike. This tankbag is attached using the Hepco & Becker Lock-it Tankrings, which are bike specific and can be found in the shop by bike category for your specific bike. This Lock-it system bolts to the bike filler cap providing a magnetic base for the magnetic tank bag to attach onto. To attach, position the bag above the magnetic base with your fingers off the magnets and the bag will magnetically attach to the base. To remove, simply pull the base tab to reverse the magnet's polarization releasing the grasp. Simple and effective yet genius. Just like the original luggage system created by Hepco & Becker, this tank bag system provides an initial base that is bolted to your bike; allowing for attachment of luggage without coming into contact with any painted surface of the bike so there is no need to worry about damaging your pride and joy. The bag itself is molded to a hard shell composite of abrasion resistant polyester D1200 to stop any folding or shape changing from use over the years. Each bag is attached with reflective triangles for increased visibility while riding in the dark. The zippers are water resistant and can be locked with the optional safety lock.


Excellent condition. Includes mounting ring for BMW R Nine T models: Original, Pure, Racer, Scrambler, Urban GS

The Tank Ring from Hepco & Becker is the mounting plate needed to equip your bike with a Hepco & Becker tank bag. The tank ring is mounted to your bike’s filler cap with screws and features a magnetic base for the bag to attach to. The magnets from the bag and tank ring come together to form a strong bond only broken when deliberate force is applied.

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