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My beloved '85 K100RS (converted to a K1100 lookalike) was stolen almost two years ago and I finally decided to move on and not do another build.

Here is the list of parts I have, priced to go, shipping not included. I will update the listing with prices.

More photos are available upon request.

Part (Condition) Price

Radiator (Very good to excellent) $40
Radiator grid (Very good to excellent) $10
Timing cover (Excellent) $12
Oil Pan & filter cover (Excellent) $20
Valve cover gasket (Good to very good) $20
Speedo housing x2 (Good) Free
Windscreen (Good to very good) $40
Tail upper (Good to very good) $25
Upper tail cover (Very good to excellent) $15
Tail lower (Good) $25
Rear luggage rack (Very good to excellent) $30
Center stand (Very good to excellent) $75
Front fairing RH side panel (Very good to excellent) $35
Front fairing LH side panel (Very good to excellent) $35
LH/RH side battery panels (Good) $30
Turn signal relay (Very good) $55
Control unit L-Jetronic (Very good) $125
ECU Ignition control unit (Very good) $85
Ignition coils (Very good) $175
Ignition coil cover (Fair to good) $10
OEM spark plug wires (Good) $15
Fuel rail (Good to very good) $15
Throttle bodies (Good) $35
Air manifold accumulator (Good to very good) $25
Airbox filter housing (Good to very good) $30
Air filters x3 (Very good to excellent) $30
Airbox inlet duct (Very good to excellent) $20
Mass Air flow sensor (Very good) $50
Exhaust manifold, clamps (Good to very good) $50
Bowden cable and holder (Good) $15
Tool carrier & cover (Good to very good) $25
Center stand complete (Very good to excellent) $75

K1100 Belly pan (Good to very good) $150
K1100 Front fenders (set) (Very good to excellent) $35
K1100 RH side cover (Very good to excellent) $50
K1100 LH Side cover (Very good to excellent) $50

Joseph Youngblood
1414A 4th Ave W/nUnit A
Seattle Washington 98119-3318
Main Phone 206 790-1563
Mobile Phone 206 790-1563

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