LOW Heated seat for all Wethead RT's 2013-2020 #52538544786, Like New only 600 miles. FREE SHIP

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I bought a 2 year old 2017 RT last year that had 600 miles on it and came with this seat. I removed it at that time and have never used it. The seat is indistinguishable from new, no dirt, dust, scrapes or any defects whatsoever. Been stored cool and dry in a large plastic bag. It fits all wethead RT's from 2014 forward including the latest 1250 models.

Seat will be shipped in a box that weighs 6lbs and is 19x17x10 inches. I can ship by Fedex Home or USPS Parcel, your choice. I get discounted rates through PayPal but if you want to send me a label that’s fine too. I’m thinking that shipping is in the range of $20, but that of course depends on your address.
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