Lowering Links 3/4" drop for 2012 - 2016 BMW K1600GTL or GT

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This offering is for a 2 pc set of lowering links for the 2012 - early 2016 BMW K1600GTL or GT. They are designed to lower the bike approximately ¾” (dependent upon suspension settings) at seat height to provide more positive flat-footing and confidence at stop. They are made of ¼” thick cold rolled steel cut to size on a CNC plasma cutting deck. Painted with silver color enamel paint and baked to harden the paint. The two rear holes are larger for fitment with M12 bolts and the front hole connecting to the ESA shock is smaller to fit a M10 bolt.
Links are vacuum-packed for protection from shipping. Labels on links may vary slightly from pictures but links meet all form, fit, and finish descriptions. Slight indent on each hole/one side results from normal start of plasma cutting torch, but has no effect on function.
For easy installation, place the bike on the centerstand and support the rear wheel slightly to remove residual weight. The bolts will slide out easily with very little effort. Then, remove the 3 stock bolts and replace the original aluminum links with the new steel links. When removing the bolts, be carefull to not allow the needle bearings to drop out within the link housing assembly. Replaces BMW OEM p/n 33 53 8 526 680 Deflection Plate, applicable to model years 2012 - 2016 (NOTE; BMW literature shows a change mid-2016 to change the three bolts, please verify your 2016 bike takes 2 - M12 and 1 - M10 bolts).

I also have links available for late 2016 - 2021 K1600, which will have all three mounting holes at the larger M12 bolt size. All other fitment and lowering is the same.
These lowering links will provide an appreciation for the lowered condition, flat footed confidence at stops, with no resulting handling or cornering issues.
BMW MOA member 216272
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