Parabellum Air Balance Fairing with Windshield

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Large and irregular fragile item will require lots of padding, packing and shipping will be relatively expensive, especially in the COVID era.
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Perfect for a period restoration with appropriate common accessories.

This Parabellum "Air Balance" fairing and tall? windshield came off of a 1987 BMW K75. The attached, and included, mounting braces were used to mount the fairing. The braces are both OEM Parabellum (flat metal) and improvised (long, round threaded bolt). This was NOT the Parabellum standard installation technique and only one of the threaded bolts remain. The fairing was designed to fit 1985-1990 BMW K75 (k100?). Information is scarce and other parts are even scarcer. This fairing MIGHT fit other BMW models or other makes. Turn signals are included with cut off pigtails.

I have extremely limited information on this fairing. It obviously has set for a long time unmounted to any motorcycle. I have simply wiped it off the dust with water and a microfiber cloth, then with plastic cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. I did not dismount the windshield or headlight cover to clean underneath them. I did not want to damage the shields.

This item is a large, slightly irregular item that will need significant padding. Packing and shipping fees will be relatively elevated. Please communicate with seller your packing and shipping desires. Seller will invoice the buyer with agreed upon packing and shipping option and fee.

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