R1200RT Parts for Sale

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3255 Mount Lebanon Rd
Alvaton, KY 42122-9685
United States
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For sale: 1 each Corbin front seat w/ heat, 2 each Corbin Smugglers, 2 each Cee Bailey dark tint sport windshields, 2 each R1200RT tank bags! Pictures available of any / all items. Moved along to a new R1250RT and now selling all of the items that fit the models thru 2013.

Corbin Seat: $200 SOLD
Cee Bailey Shield: $75 BOTH SOLD
RT Smuggler: $300 DARK ONE SOLD
RT Tank Bag: $50 ONE SOLD

Larry Holland
3255 Mount Lebanon Rd
Alvaton Kentucky 42122-9685
Main Phone
Mobile Phone

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