Running 2000 LT being parted out, Pewter, 80k.

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Van Buren
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I have had her for 15 years and its run like a clock with this rear main leak for 15,000 miles but I am ready to either fix it or move on. I decided its worth more in pieces than as a whole and so I am taking her apart and selling. You tell me the price you want to pay and why and I am starting at 1/3 of retail and thinking that is fair, plus shipping. I still have to probably take the part off and find a box and get it to be shipped. Some of the parts will need something maybe and that will reduce the price. My seat for example is heated and one corner is pulling up. The topcase works fine but a portion of the material is blemished above the speaker. Shocks don't leak but they are original. I will take a picture of the part you want and we can discuss it and I am reasonable I think. I want my bike to help yours live on but I don't want to do a bunch of work for almost no money. I know I was thrilled even to find little parts like a kill switch.
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