Super nice and clean Vintage Bags-Connection of Germany “Trip” magnetic tank bag with map+cell case

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I think this is from the late 20th century judging from the size of the built-in flip phone pouch. It never saw much use so it’s close to new condition, very clean and everything works fine, and the Velcro isn’t worn out. This bag and map holder are authentic German design. It has a carry handle but I don’t have a shoulder strap.
This is a small tank bag, maybe a little over a liter in capacity, with three magnets in the base. I added the map case (also from Bags-Connection) and a small Velcro patch on the back to hold it on. It works well. The map case also includes a cell phone pouch that can go inside the case and be held in place by Velcro inside the map case. The map case and pouch are also in like new condition, no fading or scratches. Not sure I ever even used them. When you don’t have the map case on the bag there are two little felt padded “ears” that prevent the front clip eyelets from contacting your tank. A nice thoughtful touch. Interior has a net with a Velcro clasp.
This is a good tank bag for around town to hold your phone, wallet, ball cap, wipe packet, but not much more. It has a nice vintage look and would go well for the period on any older bike if it fits the tank and doesn’t interfere with the handlebars. If you shop Bags-Connection you know this is a really good deal for the money.
Bag: 10” long front to back. 9” wide at the front tapering to 7” wide at the back. Depth is about 3.5” at the front tapering to 2.75” at the rear. Subtract about a half inch on each side to get interior dimensions.
Map case: 10” x 10” square and about an inch thick.
Phone case: 4” x 8”, large enough for most modern cell phones.
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