Unique dog carrier that mounts on back seat

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I designed this bag for my 2015 R1200RT, to fit on the pax seat behind me. It is very secure, attaches to the passenger hand rails and works as a perfect back rest. This is a modified and improved Kuriaken pet carrier, with shatterproof security camera lenses mounted on one side and on the top of the case. I mounted a rear view camera in the bag which plugs into the rear CLA for power. A small video screen, powered by the front CLA, attaches to the inside of the windshield with a small suction cup, which allows monitoring of the dog on screen without needing to look backwards. This case will accommodate a dog up to ~35 pounds, depending upon breed, and allows the dog to sniff the outside air under protection of the top dome, without need to use doggles. Both domes are shatter proof, to protect from flying rocks. This is a one of a kind carrier that fully protects your riding buddy. Please contact me if you want further information or explanation.

Dwayne Kushniruk
9501 - 99B Street
Edmonton Alberta T6E3X1
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