2004 R1150RS, 57,235 Miles, $8000.00. Full Riding Package; Leathers, Textiles, Boots, Helmet, etc.

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They say you are never too old to enjoy a motorcycle but they never talk about being young enough to ride one safely. For me, age and the inevitable health issues have partnered to tell me that after a life of riding, it’s time to get off the bike. This is a complete package that includes everything you need for all season motoring.

The R1150RS is the last of the BMW Sport Touring bikes that has multiple adjustable ergonomics. With the Windscreen, Bars, Saddle and Pegs adjustable it is easy to find the sweet spot that allows for all day riding, whether is a short run up the Coast, carving Canyons or just collecting Iron Butt Certificates.

I found the bike in St Louis in the fall of 2012 with about 3000 miles on it. It took 48 hours to ride it home to San Francisco. Whether I was cruising in Kansas, ripping up the canyons of Colorado and Utah or dancing through the mountains of Nevada and California, the bike was fast, cornered well, got over 200 miles per tank (nice side benefit) and was all day comfortable.

Comes with all Books and Records. Most service was DIY with the dealers doing all the majors. Tires are Metzler RoadTec Z8 Interacts. Rear is good for another few thousand while the front will need to be changed a little sooner. Never down but there have been a few embarrassing tip overs.

Extras, On the Bike:
1. Unique RED Pin Stripping (OEM is Yellow Stripping).
2. Remus Exhaust with Color matching Embossed Logo.
3. K&N Air Filter.
4. Front Fender Extender.
5. Clear Front Turn Signal Lenses.
6. Tinted Wind Screen.
7. Heated Grips.
8. Integrated ABS.
9. Engine Guards.
10. Ram Mount 1” Balls (2).
11. Throttlemeister Bar Ends with Cruise Control, brushed Aluminum with Red Striping, 1.6” long - 12oz per side.
12. Auxiliary Police Issue LED Brake Light (RTPD).
13. Carbon Accent on Triple Clamp.
14. Wunderlich Side Stand Enlarger.
15. Swiss Cow Bell (small one) mounted under engine (Angel Bell).
16. BMW Gel Battery.
17. MV Verholen Adjustable Driver Pegs.
18. Side Panel Screws covered with OEM Buttons. Impossible to find and comes with extras along with the parts numbers.
19. Corbin Gunfighter Rumble saddle. (Very Rare). Two-piece saddle with foldable backrest on passenger seat. Front is adjustable to three different heights. Rear backrest folds flush with saddle for clean look then pivots up to offer very secure seating for a passenger.
20. Warm and Safe Heated Jacket Plug (wired to battery) tucks under saddle on left side when not in use.
21. Kasan Signal Minder with Programmable Turn Signal Timeouts (currently at 8 Secs) with Brake Activation that stops timer. The Programmable Constant ON for all four turn signal lamps is set to 30% brightness.
22. Automatic Accident Avoidance Stealth System (Color Matching Reflective Tape, on Sides and Rear). Includes Reflective Tape on Wheels (White on Front, Red on Rear).
23. Handle Bars set up for Bar Back Extenders (Longer Hydraulic Lines). Bar Backs included but not installed.
24. DOT Reflectors (front and rear) removed.
25. All BMW Cockpit Info Stickers Removed.
26. Side panel decals (R1150RS) removed.
27. BMW 100,000 Mile Badge. (Super Glued to fairing after original went missing, not removable).
28. Personalized License Plate, “Loves (Heart Symbol) CURVS”. Transferable in CA. Wall mountable everywhere else.

Extras, Off the Bike:
1. Complete RSL European Fairing Kit. Includes both side panels, both front connector fairing pieces, both front mounting plates, under engine cross piece with end plates. Also includes all hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, spacers and rubber grommets). Needs to be color matched to bike. Fairing Kit was a take-off from my 1996 R1100RS. Photos available upon request.
2. Bike Cover. Like New
3. System Bags (lockable with Ignition key) with two sets of quick change Lids, Regular Touring Lids for long trips and City Lids for weekends and traveling lite. VGC
4. Kathy’s Fitted Bag Liners for System Bags. VGC
5. BMW Gel Battery Charger. VGC
6. Four Keys (3 OEM, 1 Aftermarket).
7. Spare Sylvania ZXE Low/High Beam Blub. New.
8. Two Oil Filter Wenches.
9. Extra Oil Filler Cap.
10. Cargo Nets with Plastic Hooks, 1 New, 1 Used.
11. Bar Backs with mounting Screws.

1. Schuberth C3, Glossy Silver, Clear Face Shield, XL - 60/61. VGC
2. Sun Blocker sun screen installed on inside of drop down visor.
3. Includes Dark Face Shield (Pinlock Ready). Never used.
4. Rugged Radio Stereo Speakers installed with 3.5 mm Stereo Jack. Fits most cell phones, MP3 Players and GPS Units.
5. Schuberth Carrying Bag. Like New
6. Extra Ear Plugs (Multiple Styles). New.

1. BMW Tour Shell Gore-Tex Textile Jacket, Grey/Grey with Black Trim, Euro 54 (XL), with Elbow, Shoulder and Back Armor. Problematic choker collar professionally shortened. VGC
2. Klim Overland Gore-Tex Textile Pants, Black, 38” waist with front and rear vents. Comes with Hip and Knee Armor. VGC
3. Triumph Black Leather Jacket, XL, vented front and back with liner. Competition weight leather with Elbow, Shoulder and Back Armor. VGC
4. Hein Gericke Black Leather Bibs. 36” waist. Well Worn.
5. BMW AllRound Gore-Tex Boots, Black, Euro 45, 11.5 US. Like New.
6. Warm and Safe Gen 3 Heated Jacket, XL, with Variable Heat Controller and Stuff Sack. Like New.
7. Rain Suit, XL (Two Piece). VGC
8. Black Leather Thinsulite (3M) Insulated Winter Gloves with Gauntlet Pocket for water-proof over mitt. VGC
9. Black Leather Summer Gloves, Large. VGC.
10. BMW Black Leather Three Season Gloves, Large. Well Worn.
11. BMW Gore-Tex Three Season Gloves with Visor Wiper on left index finger, Large. VGC
12. Stay Cool Helmet Liner. Like New
13. Neck Gaiters (2). VGC

Since I am a member of the Iron Butt Association and this bike is so comfortable, I will have no trouble making one last ride to almost any location in Canada or mainland US (major airport preferred) to deliver the bike. Additional parts will be shipped. Or you can pick everything up. Ad is limited to 10 photos, and I have more, ask if you are interested.
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