For Sale: 2016 Honda NC700X DCT / ABS

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3875 W 134th St
Cleveland, OH 44111-4423
United States
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For Sale:
2016 Honda NC700X DCT
1,270 miles / like new
600 miles service completed.
No drops, dings, or scratches.

No clutch lever!
This is the NC 700 / with the dual clutch automatic transmission.
Has Normal and programmable Sport shift modes.
Also has a manual mode if you want to control shift points with trigger controls on the left handgrip.

This DCT/Automatic version also comes equipped with ABS braking (partially linked) ABS is not available on the manual shift NC700.
Added accessories include:
OEM Honda installed heated hand grips.
OEM Honda installed center stand
Aftermarket windscreen / Cal-Sci brand. OEM is totally useless.
Front Fender Extender and Radiator Guard

Very nice bike... Runs like a Honda.
Great for a beginning rider or an experienced rider.
Add bags and go touring, or just a sensible local commuter.
Nice low RPM at freeway speeds, other manufactures should take note.
Comfortable, upright riding position.
Frunk / Front Trunk / Can hold a full face helmet or a couple blue bags of groceries
Good balance, weight is down low and the bike feels very light beneath you.
Although it sort of looks like one, not really an off-roader if that's what you're looking for.

I've got 3 bikes, two too many at this time, 2 are for sale.. streamlining / downsizing

One payment left on 7/12/17 and I'll have the title in hand


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