Old BMW Owners News Magazines

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I have a collection of old Owners News Magazines. I hate to recycle them, but I ran put of room to store them. All are free except for shipping from 98642. May deliver to points between Vancouver, WA and San Jose, CA. Here are the ones I have:
1984 JUL and OCT-DEC
1985 all
1986 all
1987 missing JAN and OCT
1988 all
1989 missing MAY
1990 all
1991 all
1992 all
1993 all
1994 missing JAN
1995 only AUG and OCT-DEC
1996 missing APR
1997 all
In 1997 we flipped our sidecar and my wife refused to ride anymore. Dropped out of the MOA and went on 4 wheels.

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