R1150GS/R1150GSA - ZTechnik VStream® windshield system

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ZTechnik VStream® windshield system plus OEM conversion mounts for use on a non R1150GSA. This windshield provides style, durability and performance and has a rugged 5/8-inch steel lateral bracket which adds stability and strength with two additional mount points for solid and secure 4-point mounting.
The bracket can also be used with ZTechnik Accessory Mounts for holding radar detectors, GPS units or any other electronic accessory.
The Z2422 measures 3.50" taller and 3.75" wider than stock, and is geared for touring or maximum wind protection.
FMR hardcoated 4.5mm polycarbonate material gives this windscreen outstanding scratch resistance and impact strength unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide.
Practically new with no scratches or blemishes
Original cost for windshield plus OEM conversion mounts - $500
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