R75/2 Wanted

ID# 006199
17228 Clara Ln
Lake Ann, MI 49650-8635
United States
231 275-1399 Home (Main Phone)
928 231-1363 Cell (Mobile Phone)
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'R75/2 Wanted' I am looking to purchase a good example of a /2 with 1973 1/2 R75/5 engine/trans conversion in roadworthy condition. Please send pictures and history of conversion and recent maintenance. If it matters, bike will be well cared for and ridden often. I am vertically challenged and my R75/5 is getting taller as I grow shorter and have decided an R75/2 would be my best choice.
Price: I am willing to pay up to 13k with Solo seat, Enduro bags and large tank, overall condition and distance I need to travel.
Please send pictures with email or text them to Cell #. Thank You
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