Sena 10S with extra clamp kit

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As the title states, I'm selling a Sena 10S with an extra clamp. I bought a dual pack about a year ago for my helmet and the wife's. I also bought a spare clamp for my second helmet. I've since switched to a 20S Evo(I wanted the ambient mode so I can hear people when I stop and still have my IEMs in).

So now I have the 10S, 2 clamps, 2 boom mics, 2 sets of speakers, etc. The only thing that there isn't two of (aside from the unit itself) is a second wired mic.

It works perfectly, long battery life, great reception, it's like new.

Cheapest I can find the new on Amazon is $175 and the clamp is another $60.

Im asking $150 shipped CONUS

Thanks for looking!
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