Trade Honda 600cc Silverwing maxi-scooter for Street legal dirtbike

ID# 006680
RR 71 Box 1554
Alton, MO 65606-9789
United States
920 728-5523 (Main Phone)
(Mobile Phone)
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setting scooter value at 3K, want good older dirt bike about same
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Possible trailer pick-up and delivery
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2004 Honda Silverwing 600cc scooter in VGC for 350cc or smaller dirtbike in same condition. 24K, Maroon, automatic, new tail trunk. Tires, fork seals, all fluids, tuneup and drive belt within 18 months. 52 mpg. Very quick, fast and smooth. No problems with high speed traffic. Always stored indoors. I moved to MO where there are more gravel roads than paved and scooters are not good for dual purpose. Never dropped but hardly ever ridden anymore. Would like to trade for something more appropriate for these roads. Prefer email for contact.

George Marquette
RR 71 Box 1554
Alton Missouri 65606-9789
Main Phone 920 728-5523
Mobile Phone

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