Warm and Safe Rider Classic Style Women's Heated Gloves / Size Large

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Like new condition; I want $75 for these gloves; I bought them new for $150 last fall. The back story: I'm a man, but men's medium gloves typically fit my palm but not my fingers (medium glove fingers are usually too long). After going back and forth a few times with Warm and Safe, I found that these women's large gloves fit me OK, but not quite perfect. Continuing my search after using them for a season, I found and bought a $300 pair of heated gloves that fit me perfectly, so these are for sale at half the new price I paid. If needed/wanted, I also have an extra Warm and Safe Dual Portable Legacy Heat-Troller for an additional $50 (new = $100); I don't need it because I sold one of my bikes.
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